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Post  Zetrina on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:34 am

Hi : 3 i have read froum rules, : 3 and guild rules, every rules there is : 3 and i would like to join guild it becouse it looks Frendly and funny : 3 um, x 3 my character is lvl 51 and name is Zetrina : 3 and i would suport member and follow bank rules very sure and carefully : 3

And about my self im not allow to tell so much but my age is 18 and im from sweden i go to school and studdy alot, my brother moved out from house, And he show me this game, im not so much to games but this game i like and i like this game becouse it's funny and i like anime Grafic x 3

If you would like my msn i have to know you first i whant to be on save side x 3 well if you need it we have to talk alot about it x 3 so i can trust other :3 if anyone would like to have it : 3 and i hoppe you accept Female :3 there is no female guild : ( and some guild dont accept me becouse im female Sad

And im sry for my english, my english is not so good : ( but i hoppe i may join : 3 Mjaw x3 cat

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Post  Aimi on Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:27 pm

Massive abuse of ":3" and "x3" smiley!!!

I know, i am evil >:3

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